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All Details About Printable DIY Template

Printable DIY template (PDF). Cow low poly paper model.
This is a great opportunity to create a modern home decoration with family or friends!
Paper sculptures give you unlimited opportunities to use them. They are light, you can place them on any surface or even hang them in the air!
You can rotate them in the space and create installations with other items that you like. It is made from paper and you can be sure that it will not be broken as a ceramic sculpture. It is quite strong and incredibly light!
What you will receive:
1 file PDF: printable DIY templates;
1 file PDF: instruction (Tips and tricks + Template guide);
The final size of the model is:
If you use A4 (Letter) paper:
height is about 50 cm (19.7 in);
length is about 83 cm (32.7 in);
If you use A3 (Tabloid) paper:
height is about 71 cm (27.8 in);
length is about 117 cm (46.1 in).
What you will need:
1. Good music to feel happy and good light to see well 🙂
2. Paper. For this model, you will need 28 white or colored cardboard sheets. You can use A4 (160-280g/m²) or US Letter (65-100 lb) cardboard sheets; or if you want to make a model bigger, use A3 or Tabloid format. Use the “fit to paper size” option on print settings.
For beginners, I recommend using 180 g/m² (65 lb) cardboard because it is easier to work with. If you are not sure that you can work with the small details of thick cardboard, print them on paper 160-180 g / m2, and all other details on heavier paper 200-280 g / m2.
3. Printer. If you do not have a printer you can print templates in the nearest copy store. Usually, they have different types of cardboard in various colors.
4. Scissors or stationery knife or precision knife. You will need it to cut out the templates. Choose what you prefer.
5. Ruler, awl or dried ball pen. This you will use to make score lines.
6. Water-based glue like PVA glue for paper and wood (better not to use a lumpy glue stick and dripping superglue). Ordinary scotch tape to reinforce some connection. Long wooden stick (it will help you to glue difficult places).
7. Additionally, if you will want to fix your paper sculpture in some place, you may need: double sided foam tape.
This template has no color! You can print it on a white or colored paper.

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