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All Details About 3D Shiny, Glossy Ladybugs

Who doesn’t love a ladybug? Also known as ladybirds or lady beetles, the little (usually) red bugs are beloved by children and adults alike. When I was little, my mother told me to never kill a ladybug, but if one landed on me, I should gently blow it away, because ladybugs were our friends.
There are twenty-eight glossy 3D red and black ladybugs in this set. They come in JPG, PNG, and SVG formats in high definition at 300 dpi. They are so much fun to place on so many different projects: planners, scrapbooks, journals, add to summer projects, place and print on postcards, greeting cards, envelopes, and stationery. The 3D aspects of these ladybugs bring them exceptional visual appeal.
You will receive one zip file containing all 28 images in all three formats.

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A vector is a mathematical representation of an image that can be scaled without losing quality. 3D Shiny, Glossy Ladybugs SVG files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator and can be Edited with any eps supported software.